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The MELT Method® is a breakthrough, self treatment system that stimulates the self healing power of the body’s connective tissue, and helps relieve aches and stiffness, improve performance, and erase the negative effects or aging. What you’ll need: A soft 36″ roller, available in our online store

Fascial Dog Series with Heather Cairns

With Heather Cairns
Enliven your daily movement with this whole body practice.
This workshop will introduce you to one of my favorite home practices, taught to me by my mentor Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle. Explore together how each of the three phases can open up a way to have a conversation with your body in relationship to gravity and spatial orientation as a “moving” approach to re-patterning long held tension patterns.
What you need: a mat, a chair, and a wall.
So set up in a spot where you will be able to have the support of a wall behind you, and please organize your computer for two positions, one where you can see me, and one far enough back where I can see you sitting on a chair, including your feet. I’m so excited to share this with you!!!!
Heather was a beloved teacher at Pilates Space for 6 years until she relocated to Duncan BC where she opened Maple Bay Pilates. She brings a holistic approach to teaching and we’re so delighted that she can offer us this profound movement series.
In an effort to make these workshops available to all, even if you can’t attend at the specific time, this workshop will be filmed and you’ll have access for 1 month once you register.

Monday, June 8, 2020
1 – 2:15 pm
$35 + HST

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The Vagus Nerve with Jenine Saunders

The Vagus Nerve is the longest and most complex nerve in the human body; it runs from your brain to digestive tract and connects numerous organs. As a result, the Vagus Nerve affects many important organs and systems. Optimizing Vagus Nerve function facilitates a healthy mind-body connection, which can: reduce stress, manage inflammation, and form neurotransmitters. This 60 minute movement-based workshop will take you through a series of mindful practices you can incorporate into your routine to allow you to live better in your body. 15 minute Q & A to follow.
What you need:
Soft 8″Ball included in price of workshop for Ottawa participants. Curb-side pick up to be organized.
Sudbury residents can buy a Corgeous soft ball directly by contacting Jenine.
Jenine is a regular workshop presenter at Pilates Space and we’re so delighted that she can share her wealth of knowledge with you during this time. She is a Somatic Therapist, with an undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy, an advanced MELT Practitioner, and STOTT Pilates Rehabilitation Specialist. Jenine is the founder and director of Moetus Health in Sudbury (celebrating 10 years!!). She’s created a unique sanctuary that fuses neuromuscular facilitation of the Pilates method with neurofascial science.


In an effort to make these workshops available to all, even if you can’t attend at the specific time, this workshop will be filmed and you’ll have access for 1 month once you register.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
3 – 4:15 pm
$45 + HST  (Includes 8″ Ball – for Ottawa residents)
$35 + HST  ( If you already own an 8″ ball or you’ll buy one in Sudbury

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Neurocentric Training with Jacqueline Ethier

Neurocentric meaning centered on the brain.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to a dynamic joint mobility series that is designed to re-introduce your brain to your body. We all have joints in the body that just don’t seem to cooperate, despite our best intentions. As you practice this series, you’ll begin to make new neural connections, notice old aches and pains disappear, and improve all physical performance in your life.

What you need: a space to move in with a paper and pencil nearby
In recent years, Jacqueline’s been pursuing a scientific approach to movement to balance the artful disciplines of dance and Pilates. She’s been studying directed neuroplasticity with Z-Health. Jacqueline’s approach to teaching has evolved to utilize these principles and she’s been astonished to witness the amazing connectivity of the brain and movement.
In an effort to make these workshops available to all, even if you can’t attend at the specific time, this workshop will be filmed and you’ll have access for 1 month once you register.
Monday June 22, 2020
1 – 2:15 pm
$35+ hst
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Hypopressive Low-Pressure Fitness

With Cathy Kyle

The HYPOPRESSIVE™ techniques can be used as a rehabilitation tool for men and women, to restoration and re-program
your core and pelvic floor.

Saturday, November 18, 2017,
Saturday, November 25, 2017, and
Saturday, December 2, 2017

9am – 10am

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Curious About Pilates?

With Jacqueline Ethier – Owner, Pilates Space

This 3 hour workshop will allow you to experience why Pilates is know as one of the best full body functional workouts around!

What you’ll Experience:
Reformer® – Full Body Resistance training
Towelwork® – Upper Body
Barrelwork® – Lower Body
Floorwork® – Hips, Spine and Everything!

Friday May 12, 2017
1 – 4pm

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A Day with Pilates Master Diane Severino

“It was a great day. My body is the better for it and will continue to be so as a result of the insight and inspiration received. Diane is a superb teacher: encouraging, engaging, and elegantly able to illuminate the work for all participants regardless of experience level.”

 Guy B. – 2016 Day with Diane participant










Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take class with Diane Severino. She seamlessly combines her Pilates studies with Ron Fletcher with the Martha Graham technique in her unique approach to the method. You will leave feeling energized and uplifted!

Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 9am-4pm

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Fletcher Pilates® Experience

The Fletcher Pilates Experience is the perfect introduction to the Fletcher lineage of the Pilates method. This 3 hour workshop begins with the art of breathing – Fletcher style – followed by a complete movement class featuring the Fletcher Towelwork®, Floorwork® and Barrework™ techniques.

This ideal educational workshop provides an exhilarating introduction to the Fletcher Pilates® lineage as it has evolved from the source into a unique body of work. You’ll receive a terrific workout in the process!

Dates coming soon!

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