I am accepting to participate in the Pilates program conducted by the Pilates Space. The Pilates program of body conditioning includes muscle strengthening, endurance and flexibility work. The possible benefits of this program include: improved muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, body posture and alignment.

I know that I have the right to choose what exercise I do or do not perform. I can also withdraw from any exercise at any time. Every effort will be made to minimize injury through supervision during every exercise. To my knowledge, I do not have any limiting physical condition or disability that would prevent my participation in such an exercise program. I will keep the Pilates Space informed of any medical problems and/or physical injuries that occur, which may be aggravated through the program or which may render me unfit or unsuitable to participate in the program. I also understand that a physician’s examination is recommended prior to involvement in any new fitness program.

I understand that the Pilates Space assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal property on the premises at which the program is conducted. I waive any possibility of personal damage which may be blamed on such a program in the future and accept responsibility for requesting the exercise program and assistance provided by the Pilates Space.

Cancellation Policy: The Pilates Space enforces a 24-hour cancellation policy for Private, Duet and Reformer Classes. If proper notice is not given, full payment is due.

Duet Classes: I understand that if one person cancels within 24 hours, the partner must also cancel the class or choose to attend and pay for a Private Class at a rate of $95 + HST.

I understand that all prepaid packages have an expiration date, are non-transferable and non- refundable. I understand that there will be a $25 fee for NSF cheques.