About Fletcher Pilates®

The international Pilates revolution owes much of its momentum to Ron Fletcher. A 20-year student and protégé of Joseph and Clara Pilates, Fletcher’s organic, movement-based approach to the original Pilates method has inspired generations of Pilates teachers and practitioners. As Fletcher Pilates® continues to grow in popularity, so too grows the demand in studios around the globe for Fletcher Pilates® Teachers. Our licensed post-secondary school, the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study, satisfies this demand and ensures the consistency and continuity of the Fletcher Pilates® lineage.

Fletcher Pilates® Intensive Licensing Course

License to Teach Exclusive Fletcher Techniques

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This in-depth Fletcher experience is the ideal way to enhance your professional practice. Develop your movement and teaching skills through our exclusive,  28 Hour Fletcher Pilates® Intensive licensing course, while learning the following unique Fletcher Pilates® techniques:

These techniques may be applied to private Pilates and movement therapy sessions, group classes, as well as therapeutic settings.

Prerequisite: Pilates Teacher, Fitness Professional or Physical Therapist.
Length of course: 4 Days

2018 Intensive – Ottawa, ON, Canada

September 27-30, 2018

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2018 Intensive – Sudbury, ON, Canada

November 7-11, 2018

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