Fletcher Pilates® Licensed Provider
BONE FIT Instructor (Canada)
BUFF BONES Instructor (USA)

Cathy began her intense study of Pilates in 2009 as a practice client for the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program.  After many years as a professional dancer and teacher, she felt the healing and strengthening benefits of Pilates.  Having taught dance and movement extensively for years, her teaching gained new validity from her personal Pilates practice.  It was a natural progression to add Pilates to her teaching and so Cathy became a Fletcher Pilates® Licensed Provider in 2010.  She is a staff member at The School of Dance in the Contemporary Dance Program and continues to choreograph and present work in the Ottawa area.  Cathy has furthered her education in the field of osteoporosis and is a BONE FIT Instructor (Osteoporosis Canada), and a BUFF BONES Instructor (United States). Cathy is also trained in Hypopressive – Low Pressure Fitness and is a Level 3 Instructor with HYPOPRESSIVES CANADA.