Pilates Space is Ottawa’s only Fletcher Pilates® studio.  We teach Fletcher Pilates® – the Ron Fletcher lineage of the Pilates method. Inspired equally by the classic Pilates taught to him by Joseph and Clara Pilates and his years as a professional Martha Graham dancer, Fletcher Pilates® is as dynamic and elegant as it is physically challenging.

In addition to private and duet Fletcher Pilates® sessions, Pilates Space also offers its exclusive 8-week Intro group session specific for new participants.  We offer a variety of group classes featuring Fletcher Towelwork® and Fletcher Floorwork®, as well as Pilates Mat classes for students at any level. Our massage therapists work hand in hand with our teachers to promote your overall health and wellness.

What to expect…

–  Tone and strengthen musculature
–  Increase flexibility and range of motion
–  Improve posture and body alignment
–  Relieve back and neck discomfort
–  Improve balance and enhance circulation
–  Alleviate overall tension, stress and fatigue
–  Prevent and rehabilitate injury
–  Energize body and mind
–  Enhance performance in other physical activities

The Pilates Method

Joseph and Clara Pilates began their revolutionary work in the early 1920s in New York City. Pioneering physical and movement therapy, they called their new fitness modality “Body Contrology,” a term which to them implied articulate and fluid physical control. Body Contrology – now known simply as Pilates – is a complete physical conditioning program, incorporating strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and endurance training. The dual emphasis on movement awareness and efficient body mechanics is key to improving posture, alignment and overall body balance. The integrated focus on both extrinsic and intrinsic (core) muscle groups addresses the body as a whole.

In place of exhaustive, tediously repetitious exercises, Pilates involves refined, purposeful movements requiring concentration and physical awareness. The form is precise, controlled, and balanced. The goal: proper body alignment; lengthened, well-toned muscles; flexible joints and increased physical strength, stamina and mental clarity. Once the core musculature is strong and the spine is properly aligned, Pilates becomes fluid, expressive and dynamic.

Practiced in the early days by elite dancers and a select few professional athletes, Pilates is now in the fitness mainstream and is considered one of the most versatile and effective overall physical conditioning methods in existence. Over 7 million people worldwide now actively participate in a Pilates-based fitness regimen. Clearly, the revolution envisioned by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago has become a reality.

Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness. Our interpretation of physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.

Joseph H. Pilates