Aviva Cohen is a Barral trained therapist who has recently trained with the master himself, Jean-Pierre Barral. Her goal in becoming a therapist was to learn, not only how to alleviate pain, but how to eradicate it, from its source. Aviva started 4 years ago as a response to her own health problems. She met Ottawa Osteopath, Frank Parent, who offered to mentor her. Frank introduced her to the International Association of Health Care Educators (IAHE), of which the Barral Institute is a part. Aviva trained in Visceral Manipulation, Viscero-Emotional Techniques, and Neural-Meningeal Manipulation. At the IAHE she also trained at the Upledger Institute, taking CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, Healing From The Core, and Women’s Pelvic Power. With the Chikly Institute, she trained in Lymphatic Drainage.

Aviva has her own experience of debilitating health, the failure of the current health care model, and the fear and isolation that comes with it. She is overcoming her health challenges, and it is a joy for her to share with others. The biggest kick of all is when you get to experience the dissolving of set-backs you never fathomed were possible to overcome.

Her favourite quote from Jean-Pierre himself, “Health is not a state, but a search for equilibrium.”